It’s a New Year! Here’s how we welcomed 2022!

3 min readJan 17, 2022


Howdy, everyone, and Happy New Year! We hope you’re doing great! We know that you missed our amazing team, so we are back after the holidays with a lot of amazing new ideas for projects and content on the schedule! To start off with good vibes only, we want to show you a sneak peek of what the winter break looked like for the team! Take a look, get some inspiration, and don’t forget to share your own break memories on your Instagram & tag us! See you soon and kudos for the new beginnings!

Are you ready? Here we go:

Danny Toshev: Even when it is the holidays and you are constantly surrounded by people, it is always a good idea to take a walk in nature.

Viktoria Kuzmanova: January is a month for reflections & rest — it is about looking at your surroundings to notice with utmost surprise all the little beautiful details you missed stressing over work & university.

Teodora Emilova: For this Christmas season, I decided to visit a place that changed the whole world. A real-time capsule of times so difficult — one of the most extraordinary experiences I have ever had the chance to experience. Visiting the ghost town of Pripyat was a very humbling moment, one where you just appreciate everything that you have.

Margarita Arsova: Wine, love, beautiful Blago sunsets… and a gingerbread house for two — that’s what my break felt like, cannot wait for the next one already!

Kera Staneva: Even though the break felt very short, I managed to go skiing for a few days. I’m not very experienced but I would recommend it to anyone: the views are stunning! Steal some days off in the next couple of months and go skiing or snowboarding, or even just trekking in the mountains.

Ilina Stoyanova: Playing board games is something we often do with my family. We tend to get competitive and nobody likes losing. Still, we have loads of fun and it is a nice thing to do in the evening.

Vasilena Tsutsumanova: There is no better thing than sipping hot chocolate while catching up with your best friends. Winter holidays are that wonderful time of the year when everybody gets the chance to spend some more time with their beloved ones. Cozy sweaters, warm drinks, and our friends’ laughter are the small things that bring us great joy.

Hope we brought some Monday inspo in your lives! Now, come on, let’s rock this week together!




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