Ina Ivanova: “Elusive Truth” was a huge pleasure and a great challenge

2 min readNov 30, 2021


Ina Ivanova was one of our speakers at Elusive Truth, the eighth TEDxAUBG conference, which took place in 2019. She is an organizational psychologist and co-founder of “People Solutions Bulgaria”. Ina has personally trained prominent Bulgarian political figures, entrepreneurs, leaders, and other public figures in Europe. She is currently completing her programming education and has found a new passion — graphic design. Ina shares that speaking at the stage of TEDxAUBG was a great pleasure and real challenge.

Ina Ivanova during the 2019 “Elusive Truth” TEDxAUBG conference

How would you describe your TEDxAUBG experience as a speaker?

Ina Ivanova: For me, this was a huge pleasure and a great challenge at the same time. The organizers are really inspiring and wonderful people, while the audience is one for which every TEDx speaker can dream of. I was lucky to be among amazing people. Among them was the wonderful Lorina Kamburova, let her rest in peace.

Can you share with us if there is anything new you have started working on after 2019’s Elusive Truth?

I have been working intensively in two directions. One of them is to complete my programming education. I want to start developing this new knowledge and gain some experience. Acquaintances of mine are asking me why I decided to switch from psychology to programming, but in fact this is not a switch. This is rather a supplement and development, as I believe that in the future the boundaries between these two areas of knowledge will be blurred. At the same time, I became very passionate about graphic design, but this is more for fun and personal projects.

On the other hand, I have continued my work, which is related to providing training in social and presentation skills in “People Solutions” (“Наука за хората”). What is new in this direction is that I am about to start courses on these topics which have been specifically designed for children and adolescents. I believe that the earlier people are taught in this direction, the easier it will be for them to cope with the challenges of life,

What is one piece of advice you would like to give to people regarding public speaking?

My advice is to learn the basic and fundamental rules of public speaking. This will help you not to wonder where to start from. Initially, have a framework that will help you shape your message and performance. With practice you will be able to afford to break that framework and enter the hearts of your audience. Do not be afraid to try and make mistakes. From each attempt, you will become more confident and you will build your own style.




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